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    Posted on June 29th, 2014 Mike 1 comment

    It’s almost embarrassing how long it’s been since I’ve updated the blog. Recently, a number of people have let me know that they still refer to some of the information I posted here as much as two years ago. I do find it gratifying that some of that material still seems to have relevance in a fast changing industry, and that people still find it useful. But it got me thinking that I should start writing again, if only to talk about what I’ve been doing and plan on doing.

    tech_logo In April of 2012, I was asked to join Technicolor as a Director of On Location Services. That doesn’t make me the head of the department (that would be my friend and colleague from Next Element, David Waters), but it does allow me to undertake a new and really interesting path in my career. My responsibilities include helping to develop and deploy workflows and systems for dailies and finishing outside of the traditional facility environment (although a lot of our software and systems are being used within the Technicolor facilities worldwide as well). This is the wave of the future in our industry, and in the two years I’ve been at Technicolor, remote operations have become a major part of what we do. We have processed dailies on location for television series, pilots, and features very large and very small, on systems that have worked in many parts of the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Thailand, and China, among others. My job involves quite a bit of travel (this year alone I’ve been to Atlanta, Wilmington N.C., New Orleans, New York, Montreal, Toronto, London, and Paris), so I’m not home quite as much. But it’s been and continues to be an interesting ride, and a great new challenge career wise.

    Because of the change, I find myself dealing with new technology even more directly and regularly than in the past. This has caused me to examine a lot of the ways that we do things, and a lot of the ways we have done them in the past. So I think it’s probably a good time to begin contributing to the blog again, and discussing some of the things that I’m involved in and deal with on a regular basis. So over the next week or so, I’m going to post some articles on subjects such as ASC CDL’s, log style color grading, cameras and file formats, and on set color grading. Along the way I’ll try to talk about some less technical subjects as well. It will be good to have the blog active again, so along with that I’ve given it a bit of a refreshed look. Hope everyone likes it.



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